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Revitalizing Lt. McConnell Park

Chhaya CDC, in collaboration with Hive Public Space and StudioFōr and supported by the Local Center—a joint effort by the Urban Design Forum and the Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development (ANHD)—spearheading the activation of Lt. Frank McConnell Park in South Richmond Hill, Queens. Since the summer of 2023, our focus has been on making this public space more accessible and beneficial for the residents of Richmond Hill.
Richmond Hill has faced significant challenges due to inadequate public transportation and limited community resources. Our initiative at McConnell Park aims to address these issues by creating a space that meets the needs of the community and fosters stronger connections among residents. This project is more than just a physical upgrade of a public area. It represents a strategic effort to ensure that our community has a say in its own development and benefits from renewed investment. By revitalizing McConnell Park, we are not just maximizing the use of a park; we are strengthening a community, enhancing local engagement, and setting a precedent for inclusive urban development.
Chhaya CDC is committed to this vision of actionable, community-focused change that enriches our neighborhoods and serves as a blueprint for future enhancements across New York City.


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