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Jackson Heights Queens Commercial District Needs Assessment (CDNA)

The CDNA highlights the existing business landscape and consumer characteristics of Jackson Heights. It was produced in collaboration with the NYC Small Business Services (SBS) and the Street Vendor Project (SVP).

Located in northwest Queens, Jackson Heights is a bustling, commercially dense neighborhood that is considered to be one of the most diverse communities in the country. Immigrants from South and East Asia, Latin America, and much of the rest of the world have shaped this neighborhood into a culturally rich area, with 160 languages spoken and diverse commercial activity. The commercial district is anchored on the west by the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue/74th Street-Broadway transportation hub with five different subway lines and several buses, including a direct connection to LaGuardia Airport. The district extends east along 37th Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue to 82nd Street, another major area of commercial activity.

Neighborhood Demographics

Jackson Heights is a neighborhood that exemplifies diversity. Of the 77,000 residents, 64% are foreign-born, which is higher than Queens as a whole (48%). The local population is 50% Hispanic or Latino, 32% Asian, 15% White, and 1% African American. The mix of immigrant cultures can be seen in the unique, vibrant restaurants and stores in the commercial district.

Future Opportunities

Jackson Heights continues to attract immigrants and new residents, with the latest influx coming from Nepal and Tibet. The commercial district keeps expanding southward, with more businesses along Broadway and Woodside Avenue, in the directions of both Elmhurst and Woodside. As with other neighborhoods in New York, Jackson Heights is increasingly becoming less affordable for middle-income households. Yet, the community works to preserve its diverse and affordable grocery shopping, dining, and retail options. The commercial district’s ongoing growth and persistence is aided by a variety of community and merchant associations that work to ensure that Jackson Heights remains a vibrant and welcoming place for all.

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