Chhaya works with New Yorkers of South Asian origin to advocate for and build economically stable, sustainable, and thriving communities.

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Get Involved! Participatory Budget Voting

Take part in participatory budget voting this week. Participatory budgeting is an exciting way for our community members to get involved in how money is spent in our community. By voting on participatory budgeting, you can help decide how $1 million will be used in our community. This year the voting will take place until […]

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March 3, 2015—Money Talks…But Not In My Language

NQFEN’s report on immigrant financial empowerment, Bridging the Gap, explores how immigrants in Northwest Queens save and manage money and the barriers they face in doing so. It also highlights the complicated relationships immigrants have with banks and other mainstream financial services as well as tools and mechanisms that do or do not work in promoting immigrant […]

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