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Ranked Choice Voting

Primary elections are on June 22nd and there’s a new way to vote called Ranked Choice Voting. Normally when we go to vote, we pick one candidate per position. This is called single choice voting and is still a method of voting. 

As of this year, Ranked Choice Voting will be used in special and primary elections for city office for positions like: 

  • Mayor
  • Public advocate
  • Comptroller
  • Borough president
  • City council

When you go to vote on June 22nd, if registered with a political party, you may find both single choice and Ranked Choice Voting.

How does Ranked Choice Voting work?
  • You can rank candidates in the order of your preference for each position/seat 
  • If there’s more than 5 candidates, you can only rank up to 5 
  • You can rank fewer than 5 if there’s a candidate you really do not want to vote for
  • Just remember, the more candidates you rank, the more power you have as a voter
What tips should I remember?
  • One candidate per ranking
  • Do not rank the same candidate for more than one ranking. This does not help your candidate.
  • Never rank a candidate you dislike on your ballot. It’s for people you love, like or can live with
  • When you rank candidates it creates a ballot/vote against the candidate you don’t like and makes it more difficult for the candidate you really do not want to get elected
Why RCV?
  • RCV allows for no more vote wasting
  • It encourages candidates to speak to more voters. Before, candidates could get away with being voted in without majority support. 
  • Now many communities who are usually ignored by election candidates are now political powerhouses because it allows them to be part of the 50 percent base
  • Candidates are incentivized to reach more voters to be their 2nd choice candidate
  • It builds consensus. In these elections, by building majority support you can hear more and debate more to work together
What are some misconceptions about RCV?
  • It does not hurt your favorite candidate if you have back up choices 
  • Your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th choice will never be looked at unless your top candidate is eliminated 
  • Voting for everyone as your first choice will invalidate your ballot

The last day to register to vote is May 28th, 2021

If you want to vote in the Primary elections in June, register with a party beforeahand.

Primary elections are on June 22nd but you can vote early between June 12th and 20th. Just fill out an absentee ballot, follow the same directions and that’s it!

Your vote is good to go.

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