Housing Preservation

Chhaya’s Housing Preservation Program is aimed at protecting, preserving, and promoting affordable housing in New York City’s low-to-moderate-income (LMI) neighborhoods. For much of the past decade, LMI residents of these communities have faced serious challenges including gentrification, illegal evictions, aging housing stock, predatory lending, and foreclosure. To counter these trends, Chhaya’s Housing Preservation Program offers free educational workshops, counseling, and case management services for LMI tenants, first-time homebuyers, and homeowners. This work is designed to ensure that participants understand their rights and responsibilities and gain the tools, resources, and information to improve and/or maintain their housing stability.

Key Allies and Partners

Chhaya carries out this work in coordination with the followingkey allies and partners :

  • National Coalition of Asian American Pacific Community Development (CAPACD)
  • Queens Housing Coalition
  • ANHD/Initiative for Neighborhood and City-Wide Organizing (INCO)
  • Stabilizing NYC
  • Real Rent Reform
  • Housing First
  • New York Mortgage Coalition
  • Center for New York City Neighborhoods (CNYCN)
  • Pratt Center