Chat Pati Mela 2013 (19 of 254)

In response to the needs of South Asian and Indo-Caribbean immigrants in Queens, Chhaya created a membership structure that provides multiple ways for community members to be involved in our work. With its inception in 2012, Chhaya’s membership has seen tremendous growth over the past two years. Members play an integral part in Chhaya’s organizing, civic engagement, and advocacy work and have led community events such as Chhaya’s annual street fair, Chatpati Mela.

Interested in becoming a member?
As a member of Chhaya, you have the opportunity to advocate for your rights to safe and decent housing and economic opportunities and to promote safe and healthy communities. Members also have access to trainings in leadership development, public speaking, community organizing, career development, working with the media, and advocating with elected officials. Email us at, if you’re interested in becoming a member!