Call For Socially Engaged Artists

CHHAYA CDC is seeking socially engaged art to feature at our annual South Asian street fair, Chatpati Mela, in July 2018. Artists or collectives of South Asian descent are strongly encouraged to apply; we also welcome residents of Jackson Heights who wish to respond to the pressing questions of the day and seek to motivate broad, diverse audiences. Artists proposals from all mediums are welcome to showcase works, performances, installations, or actions, which to foster civil society.

Deadline: May 1st, 2018
Send proposals, including detailed project requirements, to:

Chhaya Community Development Corporation is an anti-poverty non-profit organization based in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York. Founded in 2000, Chhaya CDC is the only HUD approved housing counseling agency with South Asian language capacity in the nation. Chhaya – a Sanskrit word meaning “shelter or shade” – aims to protect, preserve and promote affordable housing in New York City’s low-to-moderate-income (LMI) neighborhoods. We carry out our mission by providing free direct services addressing the housing and economic development needs of New Yorkers of South Asian descent and their neighbors. The after effects of the financial crisis, sparked by the housing market collapse, disproportionately impacted racial minorities. Chhaya continues to study the phenomena of inequality and advocate for policies that promote social justice and eradicate displacement. Our aim is to build economically stable, sustainable, and thriving communities.

In 2017, Chhaya recognizes the need to strengthen community and combat xenophobia in a politically tumultuous time. Through immigration services, Know Your Rights education, community organizing and voter registration initiatives, our goal is to empower our community to be better equipped and able to respond against hateful rhetoric and unjust policies. The Chatpati Mela is an opportunity to showcase our neighborhood’s South Asian heritage. Thriving communities value cultural diversity in our multi-cultural city. The Chatpati Mela not only enlivens the South Asian community, it brings together a multi-ethnic audience to eat, dance, and celebrate our connectedness.